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Brain.kill is a 2D platform shooter with some stealth elements. It is possible to either shoot your way to a goal or use stealth and/or hacking to bypass enemies and defenses quietly. The game is still in very early stages of development, so any feedback is appreciated.

Current features:

  • 8 different weapons
  • Grappling hook
  • 1 finished level, 2 wip levels and 1 test area for weapons
  • 5 out of 8 skills mostly working
  • usable/hackable computers and security stations
  • Enemies that chase the player decently, continue searching if they lose sight of the player and ring alarms and notify nearby guards of your location.

Known major bugs/missing features:

  • Sneak, looting and strength skills do absolutely nothing
  • High skill in agility can get you stuck on stairs
  • If an enemy is alert (the icon above their head is red) they can see you from infinite distance.
  • Weapon swapping animations for the plasma rifle, laser rifle, electro gun and the npa are missing.
  • Enemies sometimes spin around like dumbasses (especially on the weapon testing level)
  • Picking up the npa can give ammunition over the weapons ammo cap
  • If somehow a scientist manages to get on a moving elevator the elevator glitches out
  • Same when dropping onto a moving elevator from a height
  • Possible to shoot through thin objects(doors/glass) when standing against them
  • If you grapple and use something at the same time you can get stuck in the grappling animation.
  • Changing levels/dying sometimes messes up the item particles

Follow for updates:

Blog: http://turntablechainsaw.tumblr.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/trnChainsaw

To give feedback or leave suggestions go to the blog and click on Feedback/Suggestions/Questions.